You can submit your project paper or master's thesis paper to Online Cloud Publication (OCP) using our online submission system. You can access the relevant submission system via the 'Submit Your Paper' link which will be available to our Login link. Once submitted, your paper will be considered by the editor and if it passes the screening, it will be considered for publication. After acceptance of the paper, author's will be requested to pay the Article Processing Charge (APC). When we will receive the payment, we will process to publish this paper in OCP.

Submission Steps:

  • Step-1: Registration - Registration (One-time registration can be used for multiple paper submission)
  • Step-2: Login - Login
  • Step-3: Submit your Paper (Link will be available after you login to your account)
  • Step-4: Upload Document - Sample Paper (Word)
  • Step-5: Review & Confirmation
  • Step-6: Approval by Editor
  • Step-7: Processing & Publish

Author Guidelines:

Online Cloud Publication (OCP) is aimed to cover wide areas of science, engineering, arts, commerce, social science, medical science, and related fields. Project and thesis papers to be submitted to the publisher should represent his/her own work, not already published for online publication elsewhere. Written discussion on already published papers may also be accepted.
General guidelines to prepare manuscript are as follows: 
  • The language of the paper is English.
  • Author should take permission to publish his/her project/thesis paper in OCP from the institution where the work is completed.  
  • All scientific and technical data should be presented in International Systems of Units (SI), except in unavoidable circumstances.
  • The paper should be typed on A4 size page with single spaces. 
  • The first page of the paper should include the title of the paper, the author's name, affiliation, and present address. 
  • A short abstract not exceeding 500 words, which clearly summarizes the objective, the method used, results obtained and the conclusion reached.
  • Tables must be numbered in consecutive numeral throughout the text and have titles.
  • All graphs, photographs, and diagrams should be referred to as Fig. or Figure in the text. A detailed caption should be provided for each figure. Original line drawings must be drawn in black ink or graphics software.
  • All photographs must be clear.
  • Reference should be listed alphabetically (without numbering) at the end of the paper as shown below. They should be cross-referenced in the text by using the author's name and publication year in the style of Apple (1991),  Black and White (1992), Martin and Luthar (2001) or (Coney, 1989) according to the context. More than two authors can be abbreviated to Eyi et al (1994). 

Reference formats:

Apple, A.B. (1991): My first reference, Proceedings of 1st conference, Texas, A&M University, USA.
Black, J.C. and White, F.M. (1992): My second reference, Technical and Research Bulletin No. 7-6, SNAME, USA.
Coney, W. B. (1989): A Method for the Design of a Class of Optimum Marine Propulsors, PhD thesis, Department of Ocean Engineering, MIT, USA.
Martin and Luther (2001). First research paper in science, engineering, arts, and commerce. Journal of Global Research, 111(2), 12-34.
  • The manuscript also should have Keywords (at least 5). Keywords: first; second; third; fourth; fifth.
  • The length of the project/thesis papers should not exceed 100 pages and the length of the Thesis paper should not exceed 300 pages. Also, the length of the journal articles should not exceed 50 pages.
  • Manuscript in MS-Word (filename.docx) should be submitted online. 
  • To prepare the final version of the paper, the sample copy provided by the publisher must be followed. Please download the Sample Paper (Word)
  • No more than one project/thesis paper as the principal author is not allowed at a time.

Note: If you are interested to withdraw your paper from OCP in future, please contact to the editor and we will take necessary action regarding this.